Etica Beauty and Laser is a small beauty clinic and during busy times our appointment diary can be limited. In order to provide you and other clients with an excellent customer service we are following some policies.

1. Covid Measurements

Your safety is very important. In our clinic we are continuing to ensure that we have the right measures in place, so you can visit us with confidence.

Some of the measurements in place are:

  • Staff will wear face masks.

  • We have 10 minutes between appointments to allow for extensive cleaning and ventilation of rooms.

  • We have a station with antiseptic gel.

  • We will continue to follow the regulations and advice given for Covid.

2. Course Bookings

All courses that have been paid in full have expiry date. We can set up an installments plan for up to two or three payments. Please ask for more

information at the clinic or call us on 020 80619 099.

3. Cancellation and Payment Conditions

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the schedule appointment, otherwise there will be a charge of £25. Payments for each session must be made on the day of the session and not delayed until the next session. Late payments will incur a £25 charge which will be added onto the next session. All packages will expire, and the contract will be cancelled if not used for 3 months after the last session. For any changes or questions, please call us on 020 80619 099.

4. Patch Test

A 24 hour patch test is required prior to some of our treatments.

For Electrolysis, £5.00 will be charged on your consultation for a patch test and is non refundable.

For Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal, £25.00 will be charged on your consultation for a patch test but this will be deducted afterwards during the treatment or the package you will choose.

5. Privacy

Firstly, all UK-based companies are required to be open with their clients about how their personal data will be used. 'Personal data' is here defined as any data that 'relates to a living individual who can be identified from that data'.